Olive Dream

The olive tree. associated with the rebirth, regeneration and light, is considered to be a symbol of protection, fertility, wisdom and luck. Many new couples, in an almost magic and inexplicable way, decide to unite their lives within the mystery of marriage and in this similar way they opt for the olive tree as their symbol for the wedding ceremony and for their common life as well.

The wedding magic, having as a central concept the olive tree, excites the newlyweds across the globe. Their dreams can nestle against its branches and their wishes can find a way out in its shade.

The olive tree elevates the atmosphere of the mystery in unprecedented levels and unites the couple who is looking forward to starting their new life together, both mentally and spiritually.

Event Design: Xara Anapoliotaki

Venue: Villa Kerasia

Wedding Dress: Atelier Kalles by Despoti Mary MUA: Eva Xam

Hair Styling: Ariadni Gamili & Apostolaki Pelagia

Florist: Soula Emmanouel Papamatheaki

Cake Artist: Mary Bakes

Models: Antonia Kalliarou

IMG_0030 (2)