Your life story is of the utmost importance for me. Your photographs are going to narrate your personal story through time and life, the sole witness of your, hopefully, everlasting love.


The most precious creature in our life, our child, receives his/her name in his first Christening, according to the Orthodox and Catholic faith. I’ll be more than happy to capture this unique moment in your child’s and family’s life, which everybody will have the opportunity to recall, whenever life forces us to recollect the innocence of our childhood and our bond and alliance with Christ.


Family, child, personal, boudoir ones and the power of lens in my hands, becomes the means to immobilize and capture time in its essence of the moment. That’s all it needs to become immortal. After all, photography to is considered to be the art of “immortality”.


We love them and they love us back gratefully and selflessly. We have them in our homes, our yards but mostly and primarily in our hearts. They are our family and family is the most important thing in our lives. Our present, past and future and our pets deserve nothing less but their place in our “immortality” portrait.


Favorite food, sweets, pastry, favorite dishes that are featured and illustrated as unique and superb creations, ready to “be eaten”.


A fresh, modern look, away from the stereotypes, my view into the world of fashion, which I absolutely love and respect, is one of my favorite parts of the job. Because our style rocks in every single age and country of the world.