Barbara & Lefteris

“It all started when I got a job at the hairdresser salon, where Lefteris was already working, as the manager. The attraction between us was mutual and unavoidable. It’s been a long time of talking and hanging out and he flirted me in a unique and special way that he finally won my heart. During an event at the salon and as the night was coming to its end, he offered to give me a lift. He left me at my doorstep and he kissed me goodnight. Since then we have been together, inseparable…”

When I first met Barbara, I was impressed by her Mediterranean beauty in combination with her positive energy. When I finally met Lefteris, I realized how strong and unfaltering their love is. This simple, bohemian photoshoot with the blue of the sky and the sea, as the perfect scenery, is the proof that life and love live and breathe through the simplicity of the moment.